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Sarah Walker United States

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About me

I'm an anime fan that just wants to get my dream job as an archeaologist. So I work myself to the straining point trying to get the best grades in school. I'm also a writer on


Laid-back. Relaxing yet stressful (I. Blame. School.).


Almost every single type. Classical, rock, rap, hip hop, pop, new age, world, country, techno, etc.

Movies and TV:

The Lord of the Rings; Transformers; New Moon (not Twilight); Ever After; To Kill a Mockingbird; 12 Angry Men; The Patriot; Gladiator; Naruto; Bleach; etc.


not on any team but tennis.


.... creative writing


I love to read and I love to watch and talk about movies. Writing is my passion but history is my interest.


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